Rant of the day: hover to expand ads


My internet is boobytrapped!

Is yours, too?

(There will be some sweariness in this post.)

Advertisers have discovers a new evil: the “hover to expand” ad.

I have often explained why I am not in favour of adblockers.

(Reason: many sites provide content for free and/or are run by volunteers. Advertising is their way to raise revenue. Unless I am prepared to pay for site access, which often I am  not, the onus is on me to put with advertising.)

I have NO trouble with ads.

That is, ads that hang around in their appropriate places: the side bars and top and bottom of the screen. Ads that are static and that do NOT play a video or music.

Enter the ultimate fucktard of ads: the “hover to expand” ad.

With one of these buggers on the screen, you need to careful where you move your mouse. Because as soon as it hits the fucking ad, a fucking pop-up appears on the screen, playing fucking music that I haven’t asked for.

This is a problem if your internet connection is slow and if a site hasn’t specified image sizes (the screen will often “jump around” until the page has fully loaded), causing you to hover over the fucking ad by mistake.

This is a problem if your mouse has sub-optimal function (in other words, if you need a new mouse but haven’t been arsed to go and buy one yet).

This is a problem if you’re on a tablet or other small screen and parts of the screen are out of view (in fact, on my tablet I find I’m always accidentally moving over these fucking ads)

Seriously, whose stupid idea was this?

Rant of the day: hover to expand ads was originally published on Must Use Bigger Elephants

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