I’m sorry

ForQueenAndCountry3I’m sorry to my readers. The Idiot King is late. I was supposed to have handed it in to the editor by the end of August, but I still haven’t finished the manuscript.

I did finish it, of sorts, but then I decided that I hated it, and I threw out the entire last half of the book. All those chapters needed to be re-written into a story that I’m happy to publish. I’ve got 2-3 chapters to do and then a final read-through.

I guess this is a good thing about self-publishing and soft deadlines: I don’t get to deliver “that will do” type of work because of time pressure. If I don’t think a book works, then I simply move the deadline.

Re-writing was not very fast because I also needed to paint the entire bottom floor of the house, and, having turned over everything in our living area twice, we can’t find anything, and it’s all very frustrating. As it was, re-varnishing the bedrooms (where we had stored everything during the renovation) was more disruptive than the renovation itself. I didn’t really enjoy having to sleep in the office amongst cardboard boxes for a week.

I’m sorry was originally published on Must Use Bigger Elephants


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