January Promotion

Facebook January promo

As you may have seen, a new tab has appeared at the top of this page that says “Promotions”.

This is because I decided to hold a huge cross-promotion with a lot of other authors of SF/F to celebrate the next book in the Ambassador series. Yes, it’s gone to the editor yesterday. I’ve reduced book 1 to 99c (will remain so until a bit after book 3 comes out) and I’ve added a whole bunch of other books that are also 99c cents by other authors. And there are some amazing deals on that page. Two huge box sets of bestselling authors for 99c. And some real gems amongst the other books. Look and browse. Read the samples. Everything is 99c. What is there to lose?

Have a look here

(all the books will be guaranteed 99c on 1 January, but a lot of them will be at that price for longer)

In the next few days, a number of these authors will appear on this blog to tell their stories about their books and themselves.

And hey! Ambassador was listed as one of the best books in 2014

January Promotion was originally published on Must Use Bigger Elephants


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