First in Series Free: Humility Garden by Felicity Savage

The Debut Novel From Two-Time John W. Campbell Award Nominee Felicity Savage!

“The young Humility of the title is as bold as the author herself” — The New York Times Book Review

An ordinary girl from the countryside … sucked into a corrupt, elite society obsessed with sex and death.

Humility never expected to leave her hardscrabble farming village, until Beau, her beautiful cousin, was chosen for the cruel ritual of ghosting. Now Delta City gleams like a diamond, drawing them to a future beyond their control and a destiny entwined with the world of Salt’s.

To survive in this decadent realm, Humility must work out who she really is … and how far she’s willing to go for justice.

Followed by “Delta City.”

Author website

Book 2 in the series

Get it for free here

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First in Series Free: Humility Garden by Felicity Savage was originally published on Must Use Bigger Elephants

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