Mini-course on self-publishing basics

Self-publishing is easy. You write a book, edit it, put on a cover and upload it. Easy.

However, without help, the vast majority of books sink into oblivion with nary a sale. If it was your aim to get the book out of your system, you’ve succeeded, but what’s the fun if no one is reading it? You might buy a $10 ad, get two sales and the next day the book sinks again. With no reviews, you’re not even eligible to submit to many promotion sites. No sales = no reviews = no promotion. Dog, meet tail.

A sale a day per book, 30 sales a month, makes a huge difference in both your income and your book’s visibility. There are a few simple things that you can do to increase the visibility, but if you google “self-publishing”, you get hit in the face (in the search results and for months afterwards!) with ads for vanity publishers. URGH!

This is why I’ve written a free three-part mini-course on self-publishing tactics for beginners. It covers presentation and a few simple tricks that have been beneficial to many writers.

The course will go out in three emails that will be sent two days apart. Sign up for my mailing list before Saturday 9pm AEST or 4am US west coast time and you will receive the signup link with the newsletter that goes out that day.

Did I mention it’s FREE?

Mini-course on self-publishing basics was originally published on Must Use Bigger Elephants


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