Come over to the dark side…

… we have Apples.

I got a Mac.

Never had one before. Never even touched one before, but I wanted to upload my books direct to iBooks and you can do all sorts of trickery with virtual Macs, but then again my old computer’s screen (and keyboard) had broken months ago, I was using a 7yo Samsung notebook with so little RAM that I couldn’t run Facebook, and I was looking for a replacement computer that was lightweight, had excellent battery life and durable to do my writing.

So yeah. It’s a bit weird, but altogether not too different. I was going to buy Word for Mac, but I really like the clean interface of Pages. It saves as DOC. I never do any formatting while I write anyway, not even italics. On the Samsung I was using Open Office 3.2 (!) and making a once-only transfer to Word without problems.

You know how I complained I always needed a mouse and hated trackpads? That’s because I never had a computer with a trackpad that worked properly.

My books are making their way through the iBooks store now. Smashwords and D2D copies are being disabled.

Thumbs up.

Come over to the dark side… was originally published on Must Use Bigger Elephants


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