The Most Awesome SF/F Book Covers 2015

Often these types of posts are written by design people and the covers are very design-y and full of the latest design fads. They might win design awards, but do they sell books?

To me, and most genre readers, the function of a cover is as follows:

1. Indicates genre.
2. It’s pretty or otherwise clickable.

So without much further ado, here are some covers of books published and selling well in 2015 that have caught my eye.

Because there is no list complete without a Tom Edwards cover.

I’ve seen this cover around, and it intrigues me. Excellent design and genre-appropriate.

Because Ravven is an awesome designer. I wish she still took commissions.

Rebecca Frank is another awesome designer. Her covers stand out because of the bright neon colours.

Awesome use of space and typography.

So very fairy-tale. Wonderful.

Because no list is complete without a Damonza cover.

I wish I knew who designed this.

Because, steampunk.

Another Rebecca Frank creation. How to turn both a font and a stock image that have been used to death into something awesome.

Really eye-catching cover. I have no idea who did this. I would like to know.

These types of dramatic covers are highly effective for epic fantasy. They usually have a high light-dark contrast and soft/misty tones in the light area. This says “fantasy” in one hit.

On the flip side of all this awesomeness, here are some trends that I wished would go away:

1. Cinzel Decorative. Seriously, this is the Papyrus of 2015. Awesome font, but so terribly, terribly overused.
2. That horrible allcaps handwritten-looking font. Urgh. Just urgh.
3. Headless dude, and man-titty in general. Not on fantasy covers, not on SF covers. Go and play in the genres where you belong.
4. Upside-down images. Because WTF?

The Most Awesome SF/F Book Covers 2015 was originally published on Must Use Bigger Elephants

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