I’ll soon nuke this blog.

There will be a replacement, and it will probably look little different from this version, so you may not notice except for the fact that some key posts are no longer here. I am in the process of copying them to my author website. Those posts that still get visits probably deserve to have a more permanent home anyway.

The wordpress install in this blog is badly corrupted. I can still post (duh!) but no one can comment and on odd occasions that people do comment (although don’t ask me how), I can’t even see their comments for me to approve them. Also the theme is meant to be mobile-friendly, except Google says it’s not. Then there is also the mysterious auto-multiplying post issue where my old posts produce clones in dark corners. And the funny thing? I can’t even delete that rubbish! I can’t delete anything within the wordpress back-end.

So, I’ll be typing DELETE *.* in this directory, and re-installing wordpress again, re-installing the theme and starting over again.

I’ll be looking forward to getting a blog were people can actually, y’know, comment.

Announcement was originally published on Must Use Bigger Elephants


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