Ask me a question

Hey guys, I’m getting a lot of questions about self publishing.

While I would like to help everybody and answer the questions, I’m afraid I don’t have time to email everybody individually. I’m an author and don’t run a coaching business. Also, questions have a tendency to repeat, so here’s an idea: if you ask me a question, I will answer it here, so that everyone else can see it, too, and this site becomes a depository of useful answers.

Don’t worry, if I answer your question, my default is that your question will be stripped of identifying features and you won’t be mentioned by name, unless you really want to of course.

To ask me a question: comment on here via the Facebook link to my page, or send me a message through the comments form on my website (link in the header).

It is probably not a very good idea to message me through Facebook, because I often don’t see those messages, especially if you are not already in my friends list.

All kind of questions relating to self-publishing or writing are welcome, either from beginners or more advanced people.

I will start very soon with the first of the questions.

The comments on this blog are closed, but this post is syndicated to my Facebook page, where you can ask for advice.


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