ASIM 53 now launched!

My latest foray in editing has come to fruition. ASIM 53 is now a reality.
Front cover by WOTF artist Nico Photos, and internal art by Greg Hughes and Olivia Kernot.

Poem ‘The Djinn’s Wife’ by Alexandra Seidel

‘On the Train to Cairo’, by Gary Cuba
‘Or Bind His Tongue With a Cord’, by B G Hilton
‘House Of Cards’, by R P L Johnson
‘Blood Man Calls The Whale’, by Marissa Lingen
‘Flyby’, by Clare M Clerkin-Russell
‘Marianne and the Mushroom Man’, by Lee Blevins
‘The Riddle of Svinn’, by Krista Hoeppner Leahy
‘The Nine Billion Pixels of Samsara’, by Gary Cuba again
‘Gauntlet’, by Barton Paul Levenson
‘How To Run A Five-Star Restaurant in the Capital of the Elf Kingdom’, by R H Culp
‘Welcome to New London, Population: 1’, by Matthew Fryer
‘How The Moon Got Its Cousin’, by Lee Hallison
‘Riding the Eye’, by J F Keeping
‘Snow Cat’, by Debbie Moorhouse
‘The Realm of Lost Things’, by Murray Ewing
‘High Density’, by Jo Anderton

Print, PDF, EPUB and MOBI editions available