Question for readers

Because I’m really lazy busy writing, I’m asking you to provide content today. Answer in the comments.

Is there any author of whom you read a book or two (or three), when you became aware of this author’s offensive political opinions/offensive online behaviour/general arsheholery and then stopped reading this author’s books?

I’m asking the question, because there are voices like Dean Wesley Smith, who say that your personality or opinions don’t matter at all, and I’m not terribly sure that this is true, at least not if you’re not extremely successful already. Or even if you’re extremely successful.

This is kinda related to the J.K. Rowling/Robert Galbraith thing. I believe that the author is the brand, and if the brand says “I’m a homophobe” or “I’m a defensive, up-my-backside pick”, I’m having an extremely hard time believing that this doesn’t have some sort of influence. It might not have been so important pre-internet and when all reviews (and author retorts) were printed and had a limited audience, but I think the internet has changed this.

So. There you go. Attack.