Blog tour and freebie

The open-ended blog tour I have planned for much of February has kicked off.

You can find me here:

Blog tour.

Day 1: At the blog of community activist Alan Kerlin, one of the very valuable people I met at the NASA Tweetup, about the relationship between SF and ‘real’ science

Day 2: At the blog of local writer/publisher/editor Monissa Whitely, about names in SFF

Also, a reminder that Watcher’s Web is still enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select program and is free today

Tommorrow, I’ll be at the blog of NZ crime writer Cat Connor, and on Monday, I will feature on this blog and interview with Claire Corbett, the author of When We Had Wings. If you’d like to take part in this cross-pollination fest, leave a message here or elsewhere in cyberspace.