kill the buggers (head lice, I mean)

Nothing whatsoever to do with writing, but this blog is much more searchable than my other one, and this post has something to do with science, of the garden variety.

I’m incensed at how many people don’t know how to cheaply get rid of head lice, and how many parents still persist with stupid chemical treatments that don’t work, and how many mothers still wash bedding and everything.

Here’s the way to get rid of head lice and keep them away:

Having done the head-lice thing many, many times with three kids, don’t waste your money on insecticidal shampoos that stink and have a 50% chance of not working at all (head lice are becoming resistant). Don’t bother washing blankets. The head lice aren’t on the blankets in the first place.

Do the following instead:

For bad infestations, line up kids in bathroom and lather their hair with olive oil. Wait ten minutes, comb with lice comb. Put kids in shower. Shampoo hair (twice, to get oil out and make sure they don’t look like premature grease-haired teenagers). After that, make sure everyone in the house uses a goopy conditioner about 2-3 times a week.


The conditioner on its own will kill a mild infestation (it does so by sealing up their breathing pores, hence they can’t become resistant to it)