Sale and Image of the Day approaches Mars

As we approach Mars…

Many things are actually approaching Mars. First of all, we have the real-life landing of Curiosity on 6 August.

Secondly, I’ve sold my Pandas on Mars story Geospermia to Analog. This is in addition to the other story I sold them but that has not yet come out.

Also, if you want to see my images of the day and many other digital artworks, the best place to go is my DeviantArt profile.

The image above is very much a WIP. I fully realise that DAZ Studio is not the ideal software for making planets, but I can’t use Terragen because it keeps crashing, and I don’t (yet) grok Bryce at that level. So I used the ball that is a simple sphere with a NASA-snarfed map of Mars wrapped around it (I’ve ised this image before on this blog), and created a second, slightly bigger, transparent sphere. If you play with the settings, but notably the velvet and fresnel settings, you can create a passable illusion of atmosphere.

Image of the day is an angry goblin

Haven’t done one of these for a while.

The goblin is very, very angry. You will see why when I get to work on the next stage of this image.

How do you make a goblin? Well, you use standard goblin settings and then you modify the skin texture file. I used a free-use image from Burning Well to overlay the normel-person skin with a texture of granite (50% opacity)