Free story!

I’ve long struggled with the concept of a Facebook author page. Just what on Earth is it that you need one of these for? But earlier this week, I stumbled on an idea: I could use it for offers and give-aways. When you do this on Twitter, you need to endlessly repeat your self. On Facebook, a lot of people get your posts who may not necessarily be interested (nor do I really want to do too much promotion there). The author page was the ideal solution. The great advantage is that people can just listen in without any kind of involvement from me. I like ‘liking’ big authors and organisations and hear what they have to say, but I don’t want to ‘friend’ them so that they get all my inane chatter. So, there we go: the FB author page.

Anyway, mine is here, and if you click the link, you’ll see a Smashwords code to get a story. There will be more of these kinds of offers, so feel free to ‘like’ the page ;-).