What is your biggest fear?

jumping-spider-300444_640In many books or movies, the main character has an irrational fear of something, and during the story, ends up facing that fear.

I’m always up for finding interesting fears to pester my characters with. I’ve never really understood the fear of spiders and snakes, because if you leave them alone, spiders and snakes will leave you alone, too.

Leeches, on the other hand, won’t. *shudders*

In Ambassador, the Coldi people come from a world where there is a lot of desert, and many are afraid of large bodies of water. There are also few vertebrate animals, so they’d be uncomfortable with them, too. Not so much for worms, snails and slugs, which are a large part of their diet.

This brings up interesting conflicts for when they interact with Earth humans.

Cory is also not too great with heights.

In other books, I’ve done fear of medical procedures and the fear of small spaces.

What fears have you used in books, or what things creep you out?

What is your biggest fear? was originally published on Must Use Bigger Elephants