Witches, Wizards and Magic Halloween promotion

A couple of authors at the Kindleboards got together for a Halloween promotion of books including magicians and magic. I entered Fire & Ice, which will be available for 99c at Amazon from now until 1 Nov.

You’ll find heaps of other promos and free books at the Witchy-ebook site, all of them with witches or wizards, dark or light-hearted, scary or funny.

Fire & Ice doesn’t have witches, but it has a wizard, and some pretty evil magic. One of the underlying assumptions of the book is that magic will corrupt everybody.

Halloween in Australia is a bit of a joke. I mean–what is scary about kids sweating under black cloth, long and warm days and a suburb purple with flowering jacarandas? Wrong season, wrong weather.

That said, here is a link to a simple recipe for best-ever pumpkin soup because this time of year has lots of pumpkins. Chainsaw not included.

Header image courtesy of a freebie background at Renderosity.

I love Smashwords

Smashwords embodies the ‘real’ independent author. It’s simple, quick, allows you to retain a lot of immediate control over your work, including easy opportunities to make your books free as you wish with no strings attached or hoop-jumping required.

Smashwords has no ridiculous charges or further hoop-jumping based on the author’s or the buyer’s country of residence. Seriously, Amazon, if documents are transferred electronically, what is it with the RIDICULOUS surcharge for ‘delivery’. I call that straight profiteering.

Smashwords treats all authors and buyers as equal as they can.

Smashwords does not keep subdividing the world into ever-diminishing markets and retaining a reserve of sales money for each of them.

Smashwords distributes to a whole host of other online sellers where it’s hard to get your book listed otherwise.

Best of all, Smashwords uses paypal. For anyone who whinges about paypal fees, I have this to say: go to your bank and ask to become an independent credit card merchant. Ask how much they charge. OK, done that? Point made.

However, recently, I’ve pulled my three oldest fiction titles off Smashwords to enrol them in the Amazon KDP Select program. Why? Simple: because they didn’t sell on Smashwords, or B&N, or Sony, or the iBooks store. The KDP Select program allows me to set days the book will be free for promotional purposes, and strangely, giving books away helps sales. It helps in getting reviews and getting the work read.

But I’m no great fan of Amazon, their chaotic site and their monopoly. Many other people aren’t fans either. There’s only one thing to do, right? Buy books on sites that aren’t Amazon.

In that vein, I have Fire & Ice on special for 99c this weekend. Don’t make me put the trilogy on KDP Select as well.

Take a ride with evil: Icefire Trilogy part 1: Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice
Part 1 of the Icefire Trilogy

The southern land is an icy plateau that is so poor and isolated that its name has fallen out of use. The inhabitants live in subzero temperatures in crippling poverty, building houses out of the remains of a long lost civilisation, but its source of energy, radiation called icefire, poisons the land and a large part of the population.
Life in the City of Glass is harsh and so are the people. Loriane, midwife to the select few young women still able to conceive. Isandor, apprentice Eagle Knight despite having been born with only one foot. Carro, Isandor’s friend, plagued by crippling visions. Jevaithi, the puppet queen, surrounded by leering knights.
The equilibrium is upset when the sorcerer Tandor arrives in the City of Glass. He wants to restore the glory of the old machines that use icefire, even though he alone cannot control the raw power.

This is not a series for kiddies. Although most violence and sex takes place off-stage, this series deals with aspects that are adult in nature, such as childbirth, torture and rape as punishment.

Available on Amazon

Available on Smashwords

Available on OmniLit