How to make an editor happy

The editor of a magazine that has accepted your story will be happy if:

1. You followed the formatting guidelines
2. You used a sensible font. Whether this is Courier, Times New Roman or Arial matters little. Just don’t use a font few people are likely to have
3. You went through your submission and did a search & destroy for double spacing
4. You did not use tabs for indents
5. Or spaces
6. You used no headings or any formatting other than italics or underlining

Simple, innit? Why then are some many people intent on creating tonnes of work for us?

(trundles off muttering, having just re-formatted an entire story where the author used not only tabs, but spaces for indents, as well as double spaces after full stops. Dudes! Some of this stuff has to be fixed up by hand, increasing the risk your story will be printed with effed-up formatting)