Two updates – new story and new group

First of all, I am very happy that my short story Where the plains merge with the sky went live at Scape magazine. This is a short story that makes me cry every time I read it.

The first few paragraphs:

The subhuman’s name was Eleven. All day, the creature had trailed me with the insistence of a shadow. Whenever I glanced aside, its dark eyes were watching me. And now, while I was helping in the kitchen, its chest darkened with hormonal flushes.

I looked away, my hands trembling, and kept rehearsing the lines of my story.

The night was cold and full of stars. I brought the knife down on the cutting board. Two potato halves bounced over the table.

The world was covered in a coat of snow. No, it was a blanket of snow, not a coat. I picked up the potato halves and flung them in the pan. Water sloshed over the side, which Eleven hastened to mop up.

Drops of sweat tickled on my upper lip. I would never remember the lines. I would freeze up when facing the gathered clan.

Mother stood at the stove, stirring the soup, her broad back to me. Her stoic face never showed disappointment, but I knew it was there. I might attain the middle name Vana because the elders knew whose child I was, but I’d never carry on the legend of the Muravi clan’s great storytellers.

Secondly, I started my own writer’s group on goodreads


In anticipation

I don’t do many housekeeping posts on this blog, but I can’t see myself making another intelligent post before Sunday morning, when I leave for the US.

For those of you as yet unaware, I’ll be attending the Writers of the Future workshop and ceremony.
More details here

I’ll be away from 8-19 May. I will blog about this event, but I can’t promise that any blogging will happen while I’m there.

It’s more likely that I’ll be posting some brief snippets on Facebook or Twitter.

Meanwhile, I’m also on goodreads where I’d love to hear everyone’s book recommendations. Also check out the ‘Where to find my work’ page above, which now comes with nifty goodreads buttons.