Image of the Day goes mining in the asteroid belt

asteroid mining

Quick doodle. You know that trick for making planets I was talking about yesterday? It works for asteroids, too!

(Yeah, I know I should be writing)


Image of the day has a planet


Because I can.

I spent some time bumming around with Photoshop. I found a tutorial on how to make planets, so now I have a whole bunch of planets.

Writing update:

I now have a completed scene sequence for the first part of Soldier’s Duty. I’ll work out the scenes and get them into shape before proceeding to the second part of the story.

I’ve started something new and unexpected: a sequel for Shifting Reality.

And I’ve got some edits for Ambassador, so guess what I’ll be doing this long weekend?

About my fiction: meet Izramith Ezmi from Soldier’s Duty


Last night, I did a very quick character concept and render for Izramith Ezmi, the main character of Soldier’s Duty. She is, of course, the soldier, one of the fearful veiled guards at Hedron (about which I wrote a little while back). I’m thinking that before this character is cover-worthy, she’ll need a fearsome bloodied knife held towards the reader and some spooky lights. The background is probably going to be orange. Yes, there is a lot of urban-style fighting in the story.

A very rough “what is it about”:

In Barresh, they still haven’t dealt with a number of disagreements with neighbouring behemoth nation of Miran that’s sliding further into dictatorship. The Chief Councillor of Barresh, Daya, (who is also from Hedron originally) has hired her to oversee security at a high-profile wedding (read Trader’s Honour to find out who’s getting married), but prior to the festivities, a security patrol stumbles on evidence of a spying ring. The plot involves disgruntled locals, who used to earn handsome kickbacks under Mirani occupation, as well as any number of the many itinerant building workers in the city. Postponing the festivities would mean embarrassment. It is time to bring in the big guns, meaning: Izramith of the Hedron guards.

But she brings problems with her to a world that already has enough problems of its own. In a couple of loosely-related worlds, people have gone missing off the streets for years. Her uncle and newborn nephew are two of those people, and they are the reason why she agreed to leave her home in the first place. Because they are rumoured to be in Barresh.

Of course, the disappearances are related to the spying, which goes back to something that’s been mentioned passingly since Watcher’s Web, something that leads Izramith and a few die-hard suicide-wishers and frenemies deep into Miran for a mission whose hare-brained-ness will astound everyone.

So. Fighting. Hiding in disgusting places. Infighting (remember that association instinct in The Shattered World Within? Yeah, that). Sex. That, too. And a couple of “that wasn’t quite what I was expecting” moments.

Image of the Day has a new tablet


My Bamboo tablet stopped working and I finally bought a new one. I’ve been doing some doodles this weekend, seeing as I’ve finished the novel and there is not much point in starting a new one before Conflux. So! Behold this image, which is very much unfinished and a WIP.

Image of the Day: Io ahoy!

I’m all for making up my own 3D scenes and cobbling them together from various bits & pieces, but when something like this comes up, I have to relent and just buy the damn package. Instant setting, backdrop & lava for my Io-related scenes!

(Yes, I’m a cheat)

Image of the Day: Melati

For some reason, the image I generated for the heading of the Shifting Reality chapters will no longer work. OK, I still have the image, but because it is too small, I wanted to re-render it, but that didn’t work. Yeah, this 3D stuff is not quite stable. I recently upgraded to the latest version of DAZ.

Anyway, re-rendering it was the lazy option anyway, because I didn’t like the suit she’s wearing, and her skin map was a lazy-arse job. So I decided to re-do the figure with a better skin map and some clothes that she would actually be wearing.

A quick render (errr–anything except quick because this hair takes aaaages), and this is the result. Now all I need is a stonking big gun, some spooky lighting and some smoke.

Image of the Day has a froggy

Trial render with freebie version of Vue (hence the icon–this will disappear once you buy the licence).

A bit clumsy because I have no idea what I’m doing with this software yet, but I think we’ll call this a win.