Patty’s epic trip to the US. Part 1


When I returned from the US two weeks ago, it seemed that I took a little nasty passenger called a chest infection and I’ve only just recovered.

I promised to post some pictures, so here is the first lot. I have no idea how many there will be.

First off: I was away from 6 January to 4 February. The first 13 days of the trip were a tour with a community wind orchestra. We did some touristy stuff (Disney!) but a lot of those days were dedicated to music and musical things (none of which produce great photographic material).

When the rest of the group was dropped at LAX, my second daughter met me there. I had hired a car and we did an epic 2500km through California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. I managed to drive all this without once venturing on the wrong side of the road, although I’ve distributed dust (or snow) over the windscreen plenty of times, because the position of the windscreenwipers and indicators are swapped.

Anyway, after staying for one night in Santa Monica, we made for Death Valley.

CBG 2017171022018

CBG 2017185022018

CBG 2017188022018

CBG 2017198022018

CBG 2017210022018

We enjoyed Death Valley much more than expected. I’d expected it to be dead-boring, but the colours are amazing.

So we stayed overnight in Beatty, and then went back the next day, because we only had to drive to Las Vegas.

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Photography: Great Ocean Road and Melbourne

Here are some photos that I took during our trip to Melbourne. On the Thursday before Supanova, we went to the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles. I had always wanted to take sunset pictures, and we were rewarded with one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen.

The Melbourne pictures were taken on Friday.










Photography: the best of recent trips

Blues Point. The morning looked cloudless and boring, but then this very fine haze of clouds came up.

Blues Point June 2015-6 Blues Point June 2015-8

Kurraba Point. This is looking west towards North Sydney. You can see a small piece of the Harbour Bridge on-ramp.

Kurraba Point June 2015-9

La Perouse. Bare Island.

La Perouse June 2015-2 La Perouse June 2015-8

Long Reef. This is a bloody long way from the car park, so you need to get up very early or walk very fast.

Long Reef June 2015-4 Long Reef June 2015-8 Long Reef June 2015-13

Milsons Point. It was the absolute bloody coldest morning of the year. When I came back home, the grass was still frozen.

Milsons Point July 2015-6 Milsons Point July 2015-7 Milsons Point July 2015-9

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Photography: Gold Coast

Haven’t done of these for a while because of computer issues.

In April, my youngest daughter and I went to the Gold Coast for Supanova.
Gold Coast April 2015-1

Wildlife and architecture.

Gold Coast April 2015-4

Beach patrol tower.

Gold Coast April 2015-6

We shall call this the effing whale fountain. Seriously, what was the council thinking?

Gold Coast April 2015-10

Daughter taking pictures at the peninsula.

Gold Coast April 2015-11

Perfect blue.

Gold Coast April 2015-13

The famous beach.

Gold Coast April 2015-19


Gold Coast April 2015-20

Night view of Main Beach.

Gold Coast April 2015-26

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Photography: Thundery sunrise at Clovelly

The last week of daylight saving is one of the darkest weeks of the year. I was going to go to Long Reef, but I had to drop my daughter in Bondi, so I went to Clovelly instead.

Clovelly Mar 2015-1

When the sun came up, this awesome cloud revealed itself.

Clovelly Mar 2015-3

Looking back towards Coogee.

Clovelly Mar 2015-4

Clovelly Mar 2015-6

There was thunder in this cloud and I managed to capture a (very small) lightning flash.

Clovelly Mar 2015-9

Clovelly Mar 2015-11

Clovelly Mar 2015-12

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Photography: blustery weather at Long Reef

It was more like winter this morning. Blustery weather, dark and cold.

Long Reef Jan 2015-4

Long Reef Jan 2015-2

Most of Sydney’s shoreline is sandstone, except for Long Reef, which is a weird kind of crumbly red granite-like stuff. It makes your feet red and also turns the foam on the waves pink.

Long Reef Jan 2015-14

Long Reef Jan 2015-16

Long Reef Jan 2015-9

Not sure what this sport is called, but it was sure windy enough for it.

Long Reef Jan 2015-26

Long Reef Jan 2015-21

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