The evil kangaroos of DSS and other things Canberra

At the back of the Department of Social Services in Tuggeranong, there is a paddock adjacent to the staff car park. When you’re there at dusk, you’re greeted with this sight:


Seriously, how many kangaroos is that?

They’re not cute little weeny wallabies. These are kangaroos. KANGAROOS. Look at the one in the middle of this picture, with his arse to the camera, and the department building in the background:


I mean LOOK at him (definitely a “him”). That’s the biggest kangaroo I’ve ever seen. If he stands up on his hind legs, he’s taller than a person. The lawns are irrigated and in summer, the roos invade the courtyards. They don’t tend to be afraid either. They’re quite intimidating.
No Australian city does kangaroos like Canberra. They’re everywhere.


Out of all of the places in Canberra, I like this one the best. That paddock in the first picture? If you cross it, there is a bush path that leads straight to the Murrumbidgee River which has swimming holes. But this here is Lake Tuggeranong in the morning.


Another pretty view, with complimentary galahs:



Tidbinbilla nature life

First serious science write-up of the Tweetup can be found here.

I couldn’t get over how pretty this country at the back of Canberra is. Here are some photos without telescopes:

Mist over the hills.

Pretty rainbow.

Rocky outcrop.

Local wildlife. There are 26 wallabies on this hill


Some more inquisitive wildlife. Two out of a group of six emus

WOTF workshop logistics in photographs

Well, you stay at the Roosevelt Hotel:

You have breakfast at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf cafetaria, where the wifi is free:

Then you make your way to the fourth floor of the Author Services building:

And at night you talk with writers and judges in the hotel lobby until mumblemumble o’ clock:

I’m here!

Here is the proof:

Me and OWW friend Stelios Touchtidis at the Getty Museum.

View from the Museum lookout

The famous painting that once used to hang in Alan Bond’s boardroom.

Crazy LA roads.

THE sign!

Santa Monica, where we had dinner at a lovely Italian place.

Does doesn’t sound like a lot of hard work, you say, and well, it’s not. The hard work begins on Tuesday. Tomorrow the domestic guests arrive.

It’s Sunday night now (I think), but it’s been Sunday since yesterday morning, and I should probablydo the right thing and go to bed. Trouble is, this computer’s clock (and my body) says it’s only 3pm and now I’m not tired anymore.