Writing to Sell – workshop at Conflux

Here is another reason to go to Conflux in April: I’ll be giving a pre-con workshop entitled Writing to Sell.

This will be an afternoon workshop geared towards novice writers who want to take their writing seriously and who may have sold a story or two to a small anthology or magazine and are looking to step up to the next level. The scope of the material will be very broad.

– I will include some technical writing advice gleaned from years in crit groups and thousands of submissions critiqued in these groups and as slush reader at ASIM.
– I will cover critique groups and how you may use them to your advantage. Do you need them? Can you go without?
– What education could make you a better writer? Is it necessary?
– Where should you submit your stories and how do you find out about these venues?
– What about rejection?
– What about your mental resilience and the days you feel like giving up?
– Writing novels and when or how you should submit
– What about self-publishing?

As you can see, this is a workshop that takes a broad approach to writing fiction and your fiction career. This is going to be about how you can persist with the journey, sustain the motivation to keep on going, help yourself and your friends through the low points and start selling your work. It will cover short stories as well as longer work, and I will cover traditional publishing as well as self-publishing, including some warning signs to watch out for in contracts, especially those likely to take on novice writers: semipro and start-up venues.

The formal part of the workshop will be three hours. There will be a fee. Details on the Conflux website.

Since the workshop is held on the opening day, and the night-time schedule is busy, we will have to move the dinner to Saturday night, but we will arrange this on the day.