Dragonspeaker Chronicles Book 1 now available

Dragonspeaker1 tabletThe first book of the new Dragonspeaker Chronicles series is now available on my website.

More info here.

This is part of a new series that follows the Ghostspeaker Chronicles but can be read independently.

For the writers, I’m trying something new with this series. The Dragonspeaker Chronicles books will be available only on my website store until the series is complete at three books, they will then go into Kindle Unlimited for one, possibly two, terms, during which time I will scramble to get print versions and audio done, and then they will go live everywhere and stay there.

The rationale is as follows:

I make by far the most per sale from books sold on my website. Many awesome readers (if this is you, thank you so much!) like to support writers by buying their books at full price. These are the awesome people who receive a free copy and then buy a copy anyway! I cannot stress enough how awesome you are.

I also have readers who don’t have a lot of money and like reading books as part of their Kindle Unlimited subscription. I still get paid, although not by far as much, and everyone is (relatively) happy.

My default of course is to have my books available everywhere on all stores in all countries in all formats so this is where the books are headed and where they will stay indefinitely.


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