What to write next?


New lens! Spent the morning at Dee Why beach (picture in the header), photographing sea-bird antics.

Also! I’m mentioned on io9 by K. Tempest Bradford. This is so awesome, I have no words.

OK, Trader’s Honour is almost done, and while I do the last of the editing, the question turns to What To Write Next. I have a couple of projects that I think are ready to be written. All except the second option below already have files with some (or just a bit more than some) words.

An explanation:

“Whispering Willows” is a tale of a the low countries that inspired me to think of a bigger story, For Queen and Country. There are clogs, and cows and buttercups, and magic. The premise of the overall story arc is: In a world roughly based on the 17th century Golden Age of Amsterdam, a thin veneer of wealth masks deep financial troubles for a royal family. The King has spent all his money on churches to fight magic and his only heir is a leery simpleton. The neighbouring countries are circling to take control over the port, when on the horizon appears a magic ship made of metal and belching smoke, carrying people from the far east. Protagonist: Johanna Brouwer, only daughter of a merchant, whose father owns river boats.

“Soldier’s Duty” will pick up the main thread where Trader’s Honour left off. While Mikandra’s life has been sorted out, the overall tension and threat of war continues on. Not saying too much about this, because of, you know, spoilers. Protagonist: Izramith Ezmi, female security guard contracted to Barresh. She has her very personal agenda to be there.

Ambassador: also can’t say too much about this one. You’ll have to read book 1 first. There will be alien politics and sociology in the vein of The Shattered World. This one will be set on Asto–yes, I know it’s actually too hot for my protagonist Cory Wilson. Go figure. There will be major discomfort, and running through tunnels, and a precocious eight-year-old.

I need your vote. What should I work on?

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