The evil kangaroos of DSS and other things Canberra

At the back of the Department of Social Services in Tuggeranong, there is a paddock adjacent to the staff car park. When you’re there at dusk, you’re greeted with this sight:


Seriously, how many kangaroos is that?

They’re not cute little weeny wallabies. These are kangaroos. KANGAROOS. Look at the one in the middle of this picture, with his arse to the camera, and the department building in the background:


I mean LOOK at him (definitely a “him”). That’s the biggest kangaroo I’ve ever seen. If he stands up on his hind legs, he’s taller than a person. The lawns are irrigated and in summer, the roos invade the courtyards. They don’t tend to be afraid either. They’re quite intimidating.
No Australian city does kangaroos like Canberra. They’re everywhere.


Out of all of the places in Canberra, I like this one the best. That paddock in the first picture? If you cross it, there is a bush path that leads straight to the Murrumbidgee River which has swimming holes. But this here is Lake Tuggeranong in the morning.


Another pretty view, with complimentary galahs:



Photography: Great Ocean Road and Melbourne

Here are some photos that I took during our trip to Melbourne. On the Thursday before Supanova, we went to the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles. I had always wanted to take sunset pictures, and we were rewarded with one of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen.

The Melbourne pictures were taken on Friday.










Photography: Gold Coast

Haven’t done of these for a while because of computer issues.

In April, my youngest daughter and I went to the Gold Coast for Supanova.
Gold Coast April 2015-1

Wildlife and architecture.

Gold Coast April 2015-4

Beach patrol tower.

Gold Coast April 2015-6

We shall call this the effing whale fountain. Seriously, what was the council thinking?

Gold Coast April 2015-10

Daughter taking pictures at the peninsula.

Gold Coast April 2015-11

Perfect blue.

Gold Coast April 2015-13

The famous beach.

Gold Coast April 2015-19


Gold Coast April 2015-20

Night view of Main Beach.

Gold Coast April 2015-26

Photography: Gold Coast was originally published on Must Use Bigger Elephants

Photography: Bondi Beach!

I asked for less clear skies last week, and of course the weather went to the other opposite. I was raining a bit this morning. In a way, that was good, because it gave me more time to play around, and it also gave the clouds this awesome orange glow:

Bondi dark

There are all kinds of stairs and little paths and lookouts. This is a bit further towards the very north end of Bondi. The very bright lights on the water are from the Icebergs club.

Bondi view

Looking out towards the ocean. Yeah, the weather was crappy. I kept having to wipe the drops off the lens.

Bondi dawn

Bondi blue

Bondi rocks

Photography: one more picture from the Spit Bridge marina

Because this file needed some digital mischief, but I’m extremely pleased with the way it came out. It’s similar in colour to one of the photos I posted yesterday, but it’s taken about half an hour later with the neutral density filter. The long exposure makes the water smooth and gives the picture the serene feel. You would never guess that there is an extremely busy road mere metres away.

Spit bridge marina orange

Also, I don’t think that this small size does justice to the total awesomeness of this picture.

Photography: dawn at the Spit Bridge

As I said on Twitter, these last few days we’ve been having some really boring 100% clear skies at sunrise, which makes for nice weather, but also makes for featureless sunrises. It’s that clouds that make it interesting. So I’ve had to find some interesting features to fill the pictures instead. Last week, that was the city. I thought I’d try something different: the Spit Bridge marina.

Before dawn, you can see the stars in the sky.

spit bridge boats

spit bridge reflections

Serenity oblivious to the morning traffic (not visible in the picture, but roaring past my back while I was taking this picture)

spit bridge pink

And yay for polarising filters!

spit bridge marina

The Spit Bridge, one of Sydney’s traffic snarls.

spit bridge

Traffic rushes past the quiet spot.

spit bridge traffic