Because you like pretty pictures and random news

I haven’t been out to take photographs for a while, because on the last few Mondays, any of these things, or a combination, applied: 1. the weather was shit, 2. My husband wasn’t going on the 6am bus to Canberra, 3. We had floor sanders turn up early.

Meanwhile, I received this cool review for Ambassador

And I redesigned my author website.

And I experienced a massive fail in trying to get The Idiot King finished, because of the above-mentioned floor sanders (which required us to move all the furniture from where it had been stored during renovations to everywhere it had NOT been stored during renovations), painting the entire house, and also because I finished the manuscript and then didn’t like it. I’m changing a few things around

Also, I had wanted to put out my short stories for a while, but there are not (yet) enough for another anthology, so when Amazon came along with the Kindle Unlimited library, I decided to park them in there for a while. Of course this meant putting together some more covers. Two are below. These are for stories in the process of being uploaded or updated.  See the other stories here.

Party with echoes Where the plains

Because you like pretty pictures and random news was originally published on Must Use Bigger Elephants

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3 comments on “Because you like pretty pictures and random news

    • Did you ever read the original story? I don’t think the magazine exists anymore. It used to be YA specfic, run by a woman in Melbourne.

      • No, I haven’t. I’ll read it when it comes out of the Amazon-only thing. I do remember Scape though. I think it was a place I wanted to submit stuff to but I’m not sure I got the chance before they closed.

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